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Kentucky Clerk Must Issue Gay Marriage Licenses Despite Her Personal Religious Beliefs: Michigan Courts Responsible For Gay Marriage

August 31, 2015

It’s not often that I am grateful for the 6th Circuit Court, a federal court whose jurisdiction includes Michigan and nearby states, because I am usually embarrassed by it. The Sixth Circuit Court ruled against gay marriage in Michigan last year, but that ruling opened the door for the Federal Supreme Court to step in and allow gay marriage to be legalized nationwide. See, Michigan’s backwardness, while a national embarrassment, did open the door for gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states and territories. Should I trumpet how Michigan’s court-based bigotry got the whole nation riled up? I am sure some of the Texas courts hate us right now. I won’t go so far as to say that I am proud to be linked to the Sixth Circuit Court, but I will say I am proud that some aspects of Michigan-based bigotry have been overturned. Thank you, thank you!

Clerk Kim Davis can not impose her religious/sexual views on other people in her county, according to federal courts. Kim Davis must really, really issue marriage licenses now. She has fought this ruling . 

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Rowan County clerk Kim Davis cannot, on religious grounds, refuse to serve gays and lesbians wishing to marry, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled on Wednesday. The court’s decision cited Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark ruling in June that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

“In light of the binding holding of Obergefell, it cannot be defensibly argued that the holder of the Rowan County Clerk’s office . . . may decline to act in conformity with the United States Constitution,” the court said.

The real issue is whether or not the clerk, by working in a government office, can deny others their Constitutional rights when that government officer claims granting someone else’s, namely a gay couple’s Constitutional rights, violates her own Constitutional rights.

Kim Davis has asked for court protection to continue to deny gay marriage licenses in order to further her own religious appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.

This, even after the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld a lower court ruling denying Davis a stay as she fights gay couples suing her for marriage licenses, claiming she has the right to deny them — as a public servant — based on her religious beliefs. Defying the appeals court order, she and her attorneys at the Liberty Counsel — the anti-gay legal group affiliated with the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University — are instead appealing to the Supreme Court, where they are likely to lose as well.

Where do Kim Davis’s rights end and others’ begin? Finally, there is a movement to charge Kim Davis with misconduct, after a months-long debacle in which she refuses to issue marriage licenses to anyone.

Attorneys for Rowan County clerk Kim Davis are petitioning the Supreme Court for an emergency order protecting her from being fired until her lawsuit against Gov. Steve Beshear (D) is resolved. Earlier Friday, the Rowan County Attorney formally requested that the state government charge Davis with misconduct, the first step in ousting her from her post.

Davis’ core argument is that granting a marriage license to a same-sex couple would violate her religious beliefs. Since this summer’s high court ruling on marriage makes it illegal to grant licenses to heterosexual couples while denying them to same-sex couples, Davis is simply refusing to issue them to anyone — and appealing every court decision that goes against her, perhaps in hopes of putting her religious liberty argument before the country’s ultimate legal arbiter.


Kim Davis has tried every stall tactic in the book, and today is the day that she must issue marriage licenses, or she could be charged with misconduct. I am not holding my breath that either one will happen.

Friday afternoon, Davis, who refuses to issue marriage licenses despite a court order, said in court documents that she filed an emergency petition with the Supreme Court to have a justice review her appeal. A spokeswoman with the Supreme Court told WKYT they had not received the petition as of Friday afternoon.

Davis apparently submitted that filing to the Supreme Court and then asked U.S. District Judge David Bunning to extend his stay– which is scheduled to expire Aug. 31 — on his marriage license order while she appeals to the Supreme Court. Bunning responded hours later, denying that request.

Now she really, really is supposed to issue marriage licenses, as opposed to just having to issue them according to a Federal Supreme Court order. Part of me is still left wondering if others would be allowed the same leniency. Do any of us other citizens get to treat the Federal Supreme Court as our personal legal counsel before we comply with a law? At what point should Kim Davis be charged with crimes for simply refusing to obey the laws the way the rest of the country is mandated to comply or be jailed?

Michigan, and 6th Circuit, gotta hand it to you: thanks for being bigoted enough to win freedoms to everyone else nationwide. And Kim Davis, I am sure that you will have to issue marriage licenses, just how much time will you waste of everyone else’s in the process?

Hey Guys: We Just Like To See You Dance! Groomsmen Kick It Up To Uptown Funk

August 18, 2015

For all of you guys out there who are worried about stepping onto the dance floor for fear of making a mistake, we women want you to know that we don’t care if you have the perfect moves, we just like to see you dance. I am pretty much smitten with guys who will get out onto a dance floor for any reason, and if it’s done for love, pretty much irresistible.

There is a little something for everyone here, old school rock, Country, pop, and it looks like this Groom and His Groomsmen have done it all.

Watch it here to make your day go better–I promise!

Here is one video to make you smile:

Perceptions of Perfection: International Commentary on the Female Form

August 17, 2015

We all know that cultural perceptions vary widely. We know that culture is influenced by many factors. What we may not realize is how much our cultural experiences shape our daily lives, our perceptions of each other, our perceptions of beauty, and that as it relates to women. Check out Superbug’s “Perceptions of Perfection” to see how fantasy visions of the female form differ across the continents.


Bill Maher: Republican Party Slogan “Eat Shit And Die”

August 14, 2015

Consumers don’t care where their ground beef comes from? Bill Maher does. He has a riff on this bit of not knowing where beef comes from, and his new catch phrase comes from for the Republican Party is “Eat Shit and Die.” Watch it, because really, it’s worth it. In a country that supplies its citizens with guns at the drop of a hat, the US of A won’t allow its citizens to label where their food comes from.


Why This Labor Nurse’s Blog Demonstrates The Misogyny OB Wards: Adventures of A Labor Nurse Shelly Lopez Gray Wins The Asshole of the Week Award

August 12, 2015

Sure, we know that everyone wants to have a voice, even if it’s wrong, even if it’s offensive, and even if it’s well, wrong. A woman who published an article on Huff Post, just sounds huffy, not particularly well informed. She is bitching about her job, her job as a labor nurse, tending to women who are giving or have given birth, and her points sound like some sort of hazing bit that demonstrates the manner in which OB wards treat women, particularly those laboring, like children.

The woman’s post is entitled: “If Nurses Could Talk To You Like They Talk To Their Kids…

Let me just point out for starters that not many professionals want to talk to other people at work like they talk to their kids, which sounds punitive at best and ragingly insecure at worst. Point one: you don’t talk to other people the way you do children, because, surprise, it’s not professional.

It gets worse, what follows is a long line of complaints about her job, like having to take out trash, telling women that they need to “stop whining” (masochist much, Labor Nurse?) and other insulting things like “pain doesn’t last forever.”  The fact of the matter is that even comparing other women to this nurse’s relationship with her children is pretty telling: 1) that she considers her patients “beneath her” 2) that it’s her job to tell the patients what to do because they have the maturity of children (these are other grown adult women to whom she is referring) and 3) that it’s ok to treat women with the contempt she shows for her children (poor kids) because she is employed by the medical model.

Labor Nurse evidences a good amount of aggression toward a patient with mentions of “I want to chuck a pillow at you…” and other mature commentary:

Remember your manners.  Manners go a long way. I’m just saying—even my 2 year old knows how to say ‘please’. I’m just saying I want to chuck the pillow at your head when you say “get me another pillow.”

Laboring women are equated to a 2-year old and bring out a threat of violence that isn’t just immature, but is surprising in that I wonder how this woman is still employed.

Labor Nurse jokes about pain laboring women are in a pretty harsh manner, treats them like children, and generally seems to hate her job:

Look at me when I’m talking to you.  FFS, pay attention! Put down your cell phone. Lower the t.v.  Make some eye contact with me so I know there’s a light on in there. Forget understanding what I’m saying—my first goal is for you to hear me.

Pain doesn’t last forever.  No matter how bad your pain is right now, remember that pain will not last forever. On a side note, I hope you don’t have to die to get relief, but in the meantime, just concentrate on the positive and hopefully knowing that it won’t last forever will help you out.

So, this is why women should go to the hospital to bring another person into this world, to be treated poorly like this woman’s children are, with diminishing commentary, mocking tone and derogatory demands for affection?

Just in case you happen to be a woman in labor, the woman’s name is Shelly Lopez Gray, so you can avoid her if you don’t want to be treated poorly by the medical model. After all, who is the 2 year old in this equation? The nurse or the woman birthing a baby? Wait a second? Is that what the medical model has come to, laboring women are children? Haven’t we been there before?

Shelly Lopez Gray wins the Asshole of the Week Award for her misogyny.


Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Blames Rape Victims: “Women Have Responsibility.” Road To Fame Paved With Rape Histories?

August 10, 2015

The whole premise of rape is that women don’t get a choice in sex. Rape means lack of choice, not lack of responsibility. Bill Cosby’s lawyer, “defending” him against almost 40 charges of rape/sexual assault,” claims that women bear responsibility for rape. Hear the caveman roar here:

“Women have responsibility. We have responsibility for our bodies, we have responsibility for our decisions. We have responsibility for the way we conduct ourselves,” said Pressley.

Later, she asked: “How many women and men have been willing to offer up their bodies on a casting couch? Have been willing to exchange sex for favors? Have had remorse after doing so and then accused someone who they believed they could get monetary gain out of and sell a story?”

Apparently according to Cosby’s lawyer, women having sex on a casting couch, a form of film prostitution, means that women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape are lying. Or maybe just because women may or may not have had sex on a casting rape is a woman’s responsibility. Oh wait, women who have been raped feel remorse and then build their major claim to fame on stories of rape? All of us recognize that the way most women rise to prominence, women like Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, even Kim Kardashian have started out falsely accusing men of rape and then enjoyed prominent careers. Um, yeah, and Bill Cosby’s lawyer, a carefully cultivated black female figure is a liar just like the rest of his fabrications.

“They earn themselves a seat in a chair on the front of a magazine. They get interviewed over and over,” said Pressley — as though the promise of “fame” could explain why dozens of women came forward to recall painful, violating memories in a public forum.

I don’t know whether to be more upset that a single black woman supposedly speaks for all black women or the fact that because a woman says these things somehow makes it acceptable. The quote above is taken from a Huff Post article detailing the “rape culture” at work here, that women are to blame for men’s assaults, but it’s bit more insidious than that even. It’s giving a voice to a very damaging form demeaning women and the damage done by rape in a format that seeks to legitimize this type of voice, and it’s done a way with every image accounted for. Bill Cosby’s attorney blames women for rape by undermining every women in order to undermine the women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape, or her logic goes something like this: since rape isn’t a real phenomenon for any woman because women are responsible for rape, Bill Cosby couldn’t be guilty of rape. Somehow the idea that Bill Cosby couldn’t be guilty of rape only can be argued if rape itself isn’t real, not that Cosby has say, an alibi for the time the alleged rape occurred, or that it’s been proved he didn’t give women Quaaludes, no, rape itself can’t be real because Cosby is involved.

It’s kind of like the Wesleyan College student who reported a rape and now Wesleyan College is demanding access to all of her past sex partners, boyfriends or acquaintances, to see if a rape really occurred when she was a virgin. Let’s focus on the virgin status shall we? Condone virginity checks at Wesleyan College? Or just focus on the fact that at Wesleyan College apparently a rape didn’t occur unless your ex-boyfriend says so. If you are a student at Wesleyan College, apparently you need a male voice to corroborate your rape claim or it’s invalid.

Perhaps Cosby’s attorney would hear a rape validation from one of his accusers if the accusers’ ex-boyfriends showed up to validate their claims?

All of these claims, from Cosby, to the Wesleyan College misfire, are predicated on the premise that rape doesn’t exist because women are never victims of male assault and rape is really related to a woman’s sexual history or past, the old, “we will determine you were raped if you weren’t a slut/were still a virgin/were married/not, wore the color blue, had pants on instead of a skirt…” or something else equally inane and unrelated to a claim of rape. Apparently Cosby’s lawyer just plans to leave his rape defense to “rape doesn’t exist because Bill Cosby couldn’t be guilty of rape.”  The corollary argument to that is then, if Cosby has raped women, then all men are rapists. Maybe the men need to come out against this one now. Apparently any voice given any credence in the discussion of rape is still a man’s. Funny that when the responsibility for rape belongs to women.



Give Ray Rice A “Second Chance”?: “I Don’t Believe We Are Dealing With A Healthy Person Here…”vs. Banning Pete Rose For Life For Playing With Money

August 4, 2015

Ray Rice was publicized for punching his now-wife in the face, knocking her out, spitting on her, and then dragging her body out of an elevator pretending he didn’t know what happened. Ray Rice’s punch cost him $13million, but that didn’t mean that the NFL sees things that way,

You can watch the video in the link I provide above, and then ask yourself if a man who punches a woman in the face, spits on her, and then pretends that she was drunk and passed out in order to drag her body out doesn’t show signs of sociopathic behavior (sociopathic: without a conscience or empathy for others). He punches her in the face seemingly without emotion and covers up the crime the way sociopaths do, without emotion. Then, he claims he needs a second chance to make millions in a sport that glamorizes violence. Voila! Life is perfect again…

Or, is it something about American society that supports battering of women over, say deflating a football ala Tom Brady who was suspended for 4 game vs. Rice suspension of 2 games or Ray Rice Punch To A Woman’s Face vs. Pete Rose ban for life over money. What are we saying here? NFL runs a highly funded prison program? Hitting a woman doesn’t count? Yes to both?

A domestic violence organization director speaks out about the value of women in national sports:

“Sometimes it takes years for a batterer to change their behavior. And from what we witnessed in that particular incident, I’m just not convinced that what we have is a healthy person,” Glenn added.

Glenn said that pattern batterers — a group of abusers within which Rice appears to fit —  need to have an assessment and evaluation to determine the type and length of treatment they need, followed by constant revisitations. That’s a process that can take as many as three years.

Neither Gandy nor Glenn felt Rice should be automatically turned away for life. But, they did believe the same timelines that apply to normal abusers should apply to Rice.

Gandy, in particular, asked that people put what Rice did in perspective by referring to another disgraced former professional athlete: Pete Rose, a man who has been banned from baseball for decadesnot for hitting a woman, but for playing with money.

Said Gandy: “It might tell you something about how our society views violence against women compared to how it views gambling.”

Why not ban Rice for life? Why do we all have to play at being nice to a man who punched his wife in the face? Oh, we can give him a second chance? What?? Are we as a society just acting like the abused wife? We give him another chance because we turn the abuser into the victim instead of the woman abused?


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