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Hilary’s Campaign

November 2, 2007

Okay, Hilary, I see your eager-beaver face all over the media, smiling, smiling. As my friend Liza used to say: Don’t you hate it when people smile too much–it makes them seem fake. It looks bad, and let me tell you why: we all know you are an intense person, but smiling too much makes us distrust you.

Well perhaps, part of this blogging off is due to the fact that I just don’t like your politics. I don’t like the fact that you didn’t stand up to your husband and wonder how you are going to stand up to anyone else. I wonder how you can have a national embarrassment out in the open and still keep going. Maybe it makes people distrust you. Maybe that, with all the smiling, and the bulldog attitude just makes you seem like a dog that wants to bite. I don’t know, but with voting on things like limiting the vaccine injury statutes and approving going to war, I don’t know how nice you can be with a great big smile.

Here is what you should do: if you want to have us trust you, don’t smile too much. Don’t play all friendly and vote all conservative. Don’t say you are tough and then get back together with a husband that cheated on you and say that you “really got him.” Most of all, don’t be duplicitous. Make your message consistent, and realize that people will look at your marriage and history. Many a man’s marriage choices have broken his career, and many a woman’s will too.

If you want people to like you, you have to show that you like children. You have to show that you will stand up for professional women as well as poor women. Your husband could be a great asset to you if you state how he will help you. Most women can’t stand listening to the “wives” of all these political guys talk about how they want nothing to do with the Whitehouse. We know Bill is somewhat of a political genius, so state how you will use him. State how you will work together. Make your intense personality look like something that you will use for all of us. You can be a bulldog as long as you are on our side.

Don’t pretend to be a man up there–appeal to women, especially as parents Tell them you want to bring their children home. Make this about being a mother and parent; Bush used the same troops strategy with a generalized statement of: Support our troops.” Anyone who didn’t say that (i.e. Kerry) suddently became againgst the troops. Ingenius when you consider Kerry was a deocrated vet. Even more ingenius when you consider that Bush was the one who put them there to begin with.

You can’t win all segments of a population over. That’s a mistake too many political candidates make. Let me tell you why: you will never be able to impress upon 20 year olds how cool and appropriate you so they should vote for you. That’s okay, because you aren’t looking for that angle. As a parent, what are you looking to give the kids that age by way of opportunity? Keep looking at how you can benefit the families, and you will have the votes. And one of the most common trends you can tap into is a parent protecting their kid. Use what you have to get those groups.

Oh, and don’t smile all the time. No one’s mom is happy all the time, and neither is a politician. Show concern, guarded optimism, but stay away from goofy happy ( no one is super-happy these days) and super-angry (we don’t want a depressed person in office). Model what you see others doing, and in seeing a bit of themselves in you, they will like you and be more likely to vote for you. After all, a good politician is not a person unto themselves, but a reflection of what bits everyone else sees of themselves in them.

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