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Mc Cain’s Campaign

November 2, 2007

It has been with sadness that I have watched the political struggles of John McCain. He seemed to inspire hope, a moderate conservative who may have had judgment. But now, I mourn his lackluster campaign. I want him to have a better campaign program than Giuliani, who handled the 9/11 attacks and Mitt Romney whose claim to fame is having one wife. Where does McCain stand in all of this? Nowhere at the moment, because he is playing defensive politics. He has not openly started political discussions about his own platforms.

Here is a news clue McCain: we want to know more about how you will handle the U.S.A, not just Iraq. No one wants to be at war all the time, and we don’t have any real political agenda to form an opinion. It looks bad. Here is why: we want to know how you will help us. Not all of us are fighting in the Iraq war, as noble as a soldier’s job is, not everyone is a soldier.

How are you going to tackle the health care crisis? How are you going to tackle the financial crisis? Do you have a business/financial genius on your team? Lots of people will put up with soft rhetoric as long as they are making money. Americans want to be prosperous again, and they will gravitate toward people they think will lead them to better times. America is not just about war.

How will you use your war experience to build foreign relations? How will you use your other leadership experiences to lead us out of financial ruin? What is your one-line slogan for making yourself known? You need to get someone on your campaign that can consolidate your top 3 issues (no one has the memory for 5) and get a good slogan out for yourself. No one knows what you stand for, and you want to be careful that your name isn’t associated with just how to run a “good war.” News Flash: Most Americans don’t want to be at war. Don’t talk a lot about the war, except in general circumstances. Don’t offer solutions to unstable circumstances. Stick to issues like building foreign policy, making the American dollar strong again and helping to protect the American economy. Most Americans are practical. They may love you, but they won’t elect you if you never talk about how they can get more money.

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