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Kimora Lee

November 5, 2007

I just watched Kimora Lee: Life in the Fab Lane this weekend, and I was struck by the manner in which Kimora hires “associates.” Apparently it’s okay to belittle them, and she openly admits to “being tough on them in the beginning.” What is strange about the way she is “tough” is that she personally embarrasses the assistant by refusing to let her carry her things.

I was surprised that Kimora’s description of an employee might also qualify in the textbooks as a description for a co-dependent relationship. I wondered if she was hiring an employee or seeking a relationship to control. The way the whole scenario plays out in the show is that Kimora is mad at her employees for not being able to find her Blackberry, so she tells them that she wants them to hire her an assistant. Then, when only one suitable (by her staff’s perspective) assistant shows up to interview, Kimora says that it’s her current staff’s fault that they can’t find more people to show up for the job she wants to hire for. In a strange dance, Kimora hints at replacing her staff, then makes them look for possible candidates, and then gets angry when not enough show up. When she interviews the one and only final candidate, she then threatens her staff that if the woman hired doesn’t work out, it’s her staff’s fault.

Strange, there seems to be no personal responsibility in all of the business-speak Kimora professes. She is supposedly not responsible for her hiring decisions, nor is she responsible for whether or not an employee is helpful to her. Granted, a television show doesn’t always depict real life, but the snippets that are shown are continually focusing on how much Kimora expects from her staff. I wonder about Kimora’s expectations in life. It doesn’t look good, and I will tell you why, Kimora:
1) Even “staff” don’t want to run your life, no matter how much you pay them. They want to be treated well.
2) When you act in a passive-aggressive manner (i.e. telling your staff they can’t help you on their first day because you don’t know them well enough) you don’t come off as a strong manager, you look like an insecure kid on a first date.
3) No one wants to hear how about you all the time. People may, in fact, wonder who else might be in your life, or what you do with your kids that is not related to you (i.e. your business).

It looks like Kimora may have a fab life in the money department, but it seems as if her personal life is Kimora in the Sad Lane. The show made me feel sorry for her, a person who seems to have no concept of the ways in which she offends people and takes them for granted with her money. Kimora Life in the Fab Lane is a perfect example of show in which the star provides enough drama in her own life to rival that of a soap opera. There are no other characters introduced to create drama in Kimora’s life shown on television, save the assistant she is mean to; however, Kimora seems to create drama every place she goes.

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