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Don’t Buy the Big 3 Automakers Bail-out

December 5, 2008

As a person living in MI, even I can’t support the automaker $25billion support. While no one wants to buy a car from a company declaring bankruptcy, no one also wants to pay 40K to purchase a car, pay 2,000 to buy an extended warranty, then pay the deductible for the warranty when something happens, pay car insurance and $4/gallon for gas. Come on auto industry, if you wanted to survive, wouldn’t you also have something to say about the price of gas or reliability of your vehicles. In order to even get something fixed, you have to go to a dealership. Who likes dealership guys? They always come across as trying to cheat me, and as a female, I never feel comfortable in the dealerships. Who wants to walk into the auto version of a big game room with “trophy” cars everywhere sold by men who can’t afford them and are certain we women don’t know how to drive them? Less dealerships? Good riddance.

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