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You can be fined for polluting an area with your smell…

December 5, 2008

Seems cow and other livestock farmers could be charged for their animals gaseous emissions under a proposed EPA ruling. Farmers are having fits, but perhaps their neighbors are rejoicing.  I have smelled pig farms, and let me tell you, they stink for miles.  The idea here is that the animals produce greenhouse gases.  I am all for investigating how this nation gets its meat, because I think many of the practices are cruel to the animals (as if the final cruelty isn’t death and my conflict lies in loving a good steak) and DANGEROUS TO US.  Look at the feed injected into these animals.  See how many animals are put into the burger press even when they have debilitating illnesses.  Most of this wouldn’t seem to be a problem except that these illnesses can be transmitted to humans.  And, while I know it sounds disgusting, I know plenty of people who hit a deer with their car that stop on the side of the road to see if there is enough meat left to eat.  I want to get rid of the mass-producing farms, but I don’t want imported meat.  Is that really the only other option the farmers are using to fear-monger?  Or, would we be getting meat from China?  Scary.

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  1. christine permalink
    February 6, 2009 12:57 am

    PETA is thinking about a program that will produce meat in laboratories — kind of like the in vitro process — anyway, it would not require killing animals, just growing meat. Funny, people get grossed out with this idea which is ridiculous: I guess they prefer murdering animals. And if the meat is grown, there is no chance for animal diseases to pollute humans. Of course, really, humans are the biggest pollutants on the planet.

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