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Adjunct Pay is less than $3.50/hour

December 8, 2008

In all that is unfair in this world, this morning I decided to calculate the rate of adjunct pay based on what I received from a local university about 4 years ago.  I am guessing that with the rate of inflation, the hourly rate might be less than what I even list, but since I am not up to figuring out the rate of inflation, here are the current gory details:

$2,670.00 per semester for 1 class

$166.87 per week for 16 week-semester

$3.47 per hour for 6 hours of teaching/meetings and 8 hours combined of preparation and grading (which is on the very low end).

There, now that I have made everyone’s morning it seems only prudent with this advice to go get a job waiting tables, because at least with such a low rate, you get get tips.  Toss the higher education out the window, teaching adjuncts make less than waitresses.


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