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I know you have been waiting for it…Adjunct vs. Tenure

December 8, 2008

Ah yes, nothing like figuring out the injustices in the world first thing on a Monday morning to get you all fired up and ready to head back to bed with a pillow over your head. I get it: bad idea on a Monday morning. But, I felt compelled to finish what I started. I figured out the adjunct hourly rate, and then I had to do a comparisons for tenure track faculty. It’s a rough breakdown, for us adjuncts anyway. You full-time and tenure-track people will probably be starting off this Monday morning toasting each other to your successes; the rest of us will be taking Xanax and wondering where our lives went.

Adjunct hourly rate: $3.47/hour

Full-time hourly rate: $41.66/hour

Tenured hourly rate: $62.50

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