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Michigan Job Woes

December 8, 2008

After making myself feel so much better about discrepancies in adjunct pay, and idly wondering if we up adjunct pay if it will turn out like all other factory work and be given to international, I decided to check the MI job board to see if anything else was going on.

Depressing statistic: Only 1 new job posted to the State of Michigan’s job bank as of 10:45am Monday morning.

Granted, some people aren’t up and posting jobs first thing Monday morning, but still it seems rather emblematic of the MI economic situation. In the entire state, only one new job had been posted. Sad, but that seems to be the reality in a state governed by auto exec junkies. $25billion bailout ring bells with anyone? Our fair state has been crushed by the reality that fools can run big businesses and effectively bankrupt a state’s economy. Washington, listen up: Granholm should not run your economic forums–take note that Bush bankrupted at least 3 businesses before taking up the presidency. Now, he has bankrupted better portions of our government. Granholm has been at the helm of the MI sinking ship, so please don’t put her in the White House. God save us from those who want to help us so much.

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