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Adjunct Work in the Winter Semester

December 27, 2008

All the holiday bills are mounting, all the glory of gift wrap gone, and now adjuncts are wondering what to do about it without work. One of the main problems with being an adjunct is the lack of consistency. There is no transparency with the administration regarding hirings and firings. Many adjuncts will have the happy start to the new year with the announcement that their classes have been closed. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it often leaves adjuncts without work at a very vulnerable time. So what should an adjunct do? Start looking at teaching on-line. The students are generally more whiny and supported in those high-pitched drones by the administration, but it’s work, right? Oh, but by the way, you may have to teach 10 classes at once in order to get by. Check out the listings for the on-line courses. The most profitable ones are the ones that last 6 weeks. They are also hell to grade, but more classes in a shorter amount of time means more money for broke adjuncts…

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