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Facebook is the new adult highschool experience

January 29, 2009

Facebook is the new social phenomenon that makes me nervous.  Forget instant chats with teenagers finding predators, now the predators can just log in as friends and find the teenagers complete with pictures.  Facebook brags about how easy it is to set up and account and voila, social success, right?  Weird.

I have noticed that Facebook brings out all sorts of weird phenomena, from kids posting pictures of themselves beating up on other kids, to underage drinking or sexual exploits (back to my concerns regarding predators), to adults who are addicted to the granting of an-other-world technogeek social standing granted by some anonymous advanced e-mail system.

I am completely weired out by Facebook as my “friends” seem to want me to join so they can compete with me about who has the most friends, the most kids, the best job, etc.  And, every comment is out there for everyone to see.  I hesitate, because in my real life, I am a writer within a very conservative and niche field.  I don’t want pictures of me licking the kielbasa posted with my name on them.  (And I do mean kielbasa, because it was an heritage celebration, you dirty freaks.) But, it probably wouldn’t be in my best professional interests, even if my friends find it hilarious.

So, what to do?  Some people refuse to e-mail me through Yahoo or Hotmail, because they “only do Facebook” and won’t write back.  Mind you, we are all adults over the age of thirty.  Some people just send me lots of requests, and others actually go back to the stone age and call me on the phone to complain about how I won’t participate in Facebook.

I find it odd, mildly disturbing.  My partner says he has found all these people from high school with whom he communicates, and later defriends.  He doesn’t like them any better now than the did then.  I am rather apalled, because it seems to be to a social faux pas to defriend people, but as I am just a Facebook voyeur, who am I to comment?

However, this social oddity takes flight.  Facebook can detail your every moment, rewards frequent posts, and seems to actually convince people they have not entered into cyberspace social circles.

I guess for now, I will stick with e-mail, live in the age of campfires and send some pictures through my phone.  But really, who is counting friends anyway?

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