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The Depressed State of Med Students

January 29, 2009

Well, it’s official, adjuncts and grad students aren’t the only ones depressed right now.  Take a look at the new study described in  Inside Higher Ed that lists how many med students are depressed.  The authors take into account the rigorous schedule and the “caring for others” (that last of which is a bullshit excuse–who doesn’t have to take care of others at some point) as reasons for the depression.  Stupid research analysis:  no one asked the students why they were depressed; researchers just made assumptions.  I am certain that’s not following true scientific principles regarding study, but who am I to comment?  No, I think there is more going on here.

I don’t think researchers take into account the fact that med students and residents are often the lowest on the social strata in the health care field.  Grown adults are supposed adopt a false professional “adolescence” wherein the student must fawn over attending physicians, act as though they can take any punishment and participate in the hazing policies regarding lack of sleep and regular yelling sessions surrounding lack of performance.  When any person resides at the bottom of the social structure, he or she may be subject to depression especially those in the minority groups.  Take a look at attending physician behavior, and take a look at the medical system, the only professional system in our country with more un-checked power than the federal government and you will see why the future of medicine is depressed.

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