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Yes, you have to pay that economic stimulus back

January 30, 2009

Hey Fellow Taxpayers,

Did you know that friendly economic stimulus package that you couldn’t turn down and had no choice over comes right out of your 2008 tax refund.  Yes, that’s it for happy Friday morning news!  You have to payback your own loan to yourself.  Wasn’t that nice of George Bush to set up?  He looks like he’s doing something to help everyone out, and what he is really doing is loaning them their own tax refund.  Of course, how many people need it now as opposed to then?  But, I am sure with all of the current economic trends everyone will be able to fit that right into their budgets.  Never fear, lawmakers will continue to get their salaries, but for those of you have lost your jobs, your loan from your happy American government (of your own money) is now due.  What nifty little trick, huh?  They take your money in taxes, give some of it back to you, and take it back when taxes are due again.  Gosh, I want those fiscal minds behind my businesses.  Who the hell put these people in charge anyway.

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