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Adjuncts, Grad Assistants No Longer think Academia is a good bed

February 2, 2009

Whoops, typed bed in the title and almost corrected to bet, but then thought the slip-up might be indicative of better subconscious utterings than I can find in my cognizant mind lately.   The Chronicle of Higher Education has posted a link to an article that talks about how academia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore.  Hello, when has it been for women?  But, then again, it might be a dying field.  Sometimes I think researchers are just the paid whores of the drug and medical industry.  Lately we have gotten some good research in the fields of anthropology and earth science, but it’s not as glorified as drug research, nor as highly paid.  If some of those areas dry up, the dick has left the building.  What next?

Oh, the article title?

Grad Students Think Twice About Jobs in Academe

I am looking for a link.  This one had a paid membership fee.  Even the Harvard link wasn’t free.  So much for the Grad School of Education’s finances…

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