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Go Daddy Dummies Undressed

February 2, 2009

Okay, I get the point that some Superbowl ads have just been soapboxes for chauvinistic beer swillers.  Got it, but when I saw the Go Daddy ad come on with multiple women stepping in and out of the shower in various stages of undress, I knew I had to change my web page hosting service.  the ads lasted long enough that my 8 year old daughter wanted to know why all those women were in the shower, and it was obnoxious enough that I need to have another portal for my web page.  I work in a specialty subset of the educational field, and being linked to a web hosting site that uses scantily clad advertising is just not a good career move.  I think Go Daddy made a serious miscalculation there.  How many of those good old-fashioned beer swillers are going to go out and now use a web hosting service now because of women in the shower?  You might say lots would do that, but they have effectively moved themselves out of the true professional market.  Maybe that was their point.  But, now no self-respecting women would use the service and any company looking to avoid fall-out from sexually discriminating practices will avoid them.  Perhaps there are lots of hick men out there who normally spend their evenings drinking beer and perfecting their web domains to the ultimate success, if so, then Go Daddy has found the audience and clientele they deserve.

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