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Surgeries that save men may kill women

February 4, 2009

Back again, finally found the reference I was looking for in relation to women’s medicine vs. what works for men.  Back to the women’s medicine=vagina medicine debacle.  I found an article detailing the ways in which the surgeries used to repair men’s hearts may be deadly to women.

None of this is hidden information.  It is in the major newspapers.  How is the cardiology field of men’s medicine dangerous to women?

1. Women’s hearts don’t respond as readily to aspirin therapy or Rx to lower blood pressure.  Women have been prescribed these medications, and they don’t work nearly as well on women as men; the kicker is that they found this out when more women started dying from heart attacks.

2. More women die from major heart operations than men.

3. Women’s heart attack symptoms are treated by most physicians as aggressively as men’s.  More women die from their heart attacks.

4.Most women’s symptoms of heart attacks start up to 2 weeks before they have a major heart attack, but they are not recognized by physicians as “classic” [read male] heart attack symptoms.  More women die from these heart attacks because the symptoms haven’t been addressed sooner.


Of the women who had an invasive procedure, eight died after one year. That compares to just one death in the other group.

“There is a big question mark over why this is happening,” Swahn said. “We want there to be equality between the genders, but that doesn’t mean that women and men should get the same treatment.”

Hmm, notice the trend I am getting? More and more women are dying from procedures, medication response differences, and a lack of diagnosis of symptoms.  Helloooo!  Women’s hearts are not in their vaginas.  We need something besides vagina medicine!  It’s not like the vagina was discovered yesterday, but it sure seems that way with the medical focus on it.  What about the heart attacks?


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