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Now doctors have evidence that points to the fact that “surgical menopause” caused by surgeons removing the ovaries and the uterus affects women’s sex lives at a 100% greater rate than natural menopause: Sex is just as important to women as it is to men

February 5, 2009
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Woohoo, researchers have finally figured out that women like sex too, and they even realized that not being able to have sex the way that women want is as serious as a disease to women’s health. (Back to the women’s health=vagina health)  Wow, good way to start the morning to find out someone has figured this out.  Usually the sexual headlines include information about Viagra and how it won’t work for women, yet another medication that doesn’t work for women.  (See my post about heart surgeries and medical interventions that work for woment but don’t work for men.)

Now doctors have evidence that points to the fact that “surgical menopause” caused by surgeons removing the ovaries and the uterus affects women’s sex lives at a 100% greater rate than natural menopause (or normal aging and having menses stop).   Hmm, take a hard look at that data.  Granted, only 12% of women having menopause caused by surgeons have sexual disabilities that make them have a low quality of life, but that still means one in ten.  I would not want to take the chance of being that one.

What truly frustrates me is that when men have sexual issues caused by a physical problem:  prostate enlargement or impotence, the medical profession rushes to the rescue with a handy little pill.  Most physicians are still in the dark ages of medicine with the “handy little hole” version of medicine when it comes to women’s vaginas and sexual organs.  Now, it appears that we can say the ovaries have joined that list, and everyone knows that no one gives the uterus any respect except as it relates to giving birth (although some women with bladder prolapse after hysterectomy might wish it back–check out this personal account of bladder troubles after hysterectomy on account of a surgical f**k-up  on Salon–it’s sobering).

I still think that the casualty rate of losing the sex life to the point that women aren’t as satisfied with their lives in general is way too high.  Who wants to be that one person who has their sex life ruined after an operation?  I can answer to that, because I had an operation that affected my sex life, and let me tell you, it makes me want to hit people with a truck!  Wouldn’t that be splendid justice if the surgeons who corrupted people’s sex lives got some taken away from them every time they screwed up?  I guess part of it is that there is no truth in advertising with the medical profession.  No one says:  “Hey a total hysterectomy is going to ruin your sex life.”  Since a total hysterectomy is so popular, that includes a lot of American women having sexual performance or drive issues.  Perhaps your rates of cancer may be lowered, but you may also hate life because you can’t appreciate sex.

Here are the gory details:

  1. 1. Only 6 % of women experiencing “natural and age related” menopause have sexual issues that inerfere with the quality of their life.
  2. 12% of the women having “surgical menopause” meaning a surgeon has removed their sexual organs (uterus, ovaries, and possibly cervix) have sexual issues that affect the quality of their life.  (there is the 100% increase) For those of you not into math, that is over a 1 in 10 chance.
  3. 600,000 hysterectomies performed on women from 1980-1993 .  I know, I need to get the latest data, but this post is taking a while and I have roughly 10min. left to write.
  4. That is 7,200 from 1980-1993 who were hating life because they couldn’t get the sex life they wanted after a “surgical menopause.”

Now I know that we spay dogs to lower cancer rates, but come on, we are talking about human beings here.  Where do the husbands, partners, and other sexually interested male parties come in here?  Will no one save us in vagina medicine?  I mean, doesn’t sex count for something?

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