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Disney girls Hanna Montana and iCarly too loud

February 9, 2009

Started off the Monday morning watching Hannah Montana with my daughter through Netflix.  I am telling myself that the logging on and computer prowess my daughter shows to find these shows is part of her burgeoning understanding of technology.  Besides, she can no longer watch Hannah Montana, or iCarly at my parents house, because my father says that all of the actors “scream too much.”  I have to admit that I agree with the scream critique.

Watch a little bit of either show.  Top protagonist is female artist type, around 14 years old and witty and smart as main character.  But, instead of showing nuance in their acting instances, it seems that noise is the new emotion.  It IS loud.  Sarcastic facial expressions are also in this season, but apparently the noise is a big factor.

My daughter seems unfazed by the noise, saying only that her grandfather hates the screaming, and since the others hate Spongebob’s laughter, well my 8 year old is sometimes out of luck.  My initial urge is to limit her popular television exposure, but then I remember how my parents tried to do that with me and I was way too into MTV, at the time.  Granted MTV often had and still has strong sexual content, but it was still this idea that I was missing something.

So, Monday morning starts off with Hannah Montana and we are taken through Miley’s saga of telling her best friend she is really Hanna Montana.  As far as plot development goes, it’s pretty easy to follow, but then it is a children’s show.  It does show the girls at school being “successful” when coming up with mean comebacks, which is something I abhor.  There is no figuring out how to walk away or write off a hurtful comment, the character succeed when they come up with something nastier.  But, considering our fascination with mean middle and high school culture, I guess that’s no surprise.

We listened to Hannah Montana at top volume today, and now I swear my daughter is going to watch an IMAX video on the mysteries of Yellowstone.

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