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Unfortunately, during the three years that I searched for positions outside of academe, I found that humanities Ph.D.’s, without relevant experience or technical skills, generally compete at a moderate disadvantage against undergraduates, and at a serious disadvantage against people with professional degrees. If you take that path, you will be starting at the bottom in your 30s, a decade behind your age cohort, with no savings (and probably a lot of debt).

February 9, 2009

Ouch, but this is a message worth reading from Thomas Benton. He goes on to discuss why grad school in the humanities may not be the best course for making money and having a career.  The fact that it was published in the Chronicle of Higher Education gives it some validity.

I find myself comparing my situation to one he describes as being 30 and unemployed and behind.  Yep, check.  Next?  Oh, yes, and no technical field experience, yep–another check.  Still underemployed?  Yep.  Ouch.

Oh yes, and if you are still unsure about adjuncts vs. full-time and making living wage.  Check out the numbers on my post.

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