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Camille Paglia only kinda sucks today, not as much as she usually does

February 11, 2009

Normally I hate Camille Paglia; I count her as one of those feminist wannabes who always tries to shout the loudest about how bad men are.  Considering I love a man, and that I have loved more than one man in my lifetime, I have found her route to societal shaping counterproductive:  why not just hold men accountable instead of hating all of them?  But, done with my reductionist tendencies, I have found an article in which she outlines some of the main sexual prowess of the women of the 1920’s and 30’s, only to be quashed by fragile men (and equally fragile women) in the 1950’s.  As such is often the tide with sexual overtures through the centuries, I am hoping for a great revelation starting in 2010.  Obama is not really my choice for feminism, but considering the evils of Bush, I hope we get somewhere.

In any case, Camille Paglia has done something I like today with her discussion of Justin Timberlake (whom I normally see as a post-adolescent walking STD) who portrays the wounded lover in his Cry Me A River video.  Perhaps I just like Justin when he is hurting because his other antics have a tendency to instantly annoy me (even a poorly shaved pop star can’t bring sexy back for women when they are rolling around on the floor in black nylons and stupid outfits, nor can they be brought out for being fined with a Superbowl performance, but I digress) on most days.  Paglia’s description is accurate and fairly nuanced, if only being about 7 years later, but still, like her style with this one.

I was reading Paglia’s account (for some reason granted a voice on the normally well-edited Salon) of the style faux pas of the 2008-09 year, and the first section describes how Obama is making mistakes.  I wholeheartedly agree and was completely surprised by a gut-level agreement with Paglia.  Obama is looking like a fool.  Hello, and his advisors are fools too!  Okay, yes!  I have an open letter to the President.  (God, I hate putting that in caps because there have been no female presidents, which makes it a completely male term.  But I risk looking like a grammar rube by not… and so goes so easily my path of no anger with the sun behind the clouds today.)

I think I may publish this letter a little later.  I have to say that I stopped agreeing with Paglia after the first paragraph about Obama–who likes “natural authority with military leaders” anyway?  Jesus, save us from the stupidity.  Hello, Salon, you are about to be lambasted by another Patrick Monahan (to which the correct response would have been:  No one was offering sex, nor marriage Senator.) for letting dumb comments fly.  We are too constrained by our gender as it is to be spouting off about “natural authority” of the black man standind at inauguration who has absolutely no experience and definitely put into office, in part due to his wife and skin color.

I am hoping for some accountability here, not building off of someone’s name.  Obama, get your shit together.  Stop sounding chauvinistic and get some good advisors.  Paglia, you need more of an internal editor.  Salon, get your editorial pencils back out, because you are slipping with Paglia.  And Timberlake, I guess you could whine some more, because I seem to like you more when you are the pathetic dumped boyfriend, but next time, could you do it in black fishnets and heels?

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