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Rhianna and Janet Jackson need to know how to ask for sex like Pink

February 13, 2009

So disappointed by Rhianna’s video “Please Don’t Stop the Music”, and Janet Jackson’s “Rock With You.”  Why are these women, who have the voices to push it, softening all this stuff out?

"Do you like me? "

Rihanna: "Do you like me? Please?"

Sure, they want to sell sex, but it’s the kind of women selling sex that I hate:  please, please, f**k me because I’ll be a lady.   YUCK!  Whatever happened to:  Want to have sex, and you better be damn glad you are in the position you are?  You know, the mutually working aspect of sex?  He’s had to work to get there, but then he is so glad he did?

I believe in a lot of give and take in sexuality, but these soft-voiced, trying to dance, looking better on mute videos just killed me.  Here I was happily rocking to Pink yesterday morning, and now this. Can’t they figure out how to honestly ask for sex like Pink? Where is the love in this whiny woman cycle. I never knew whining worked for getting laid, but I will tell my friends to try it. Usually it just results in a pity f**k, which may mean that all humankind is not lost, but doesn’t fit my feminist sexuality at all.

And these were in MTV’s 2008 video list as “killer choreography.”  Killer as in Janet Jackson’s video just looked like Thriller re-worked and Rhianna’s showed lots of people in a club.  Since most people dance in big clubs, this was no surprise. BUT nothing else happens!

Janet Jackson is trying for artistic, but it only goes so far as unevenly chopped hair and leather vests.  Way back Madonna rage, but that was when Madonna was young and hungry and sure looking hot milking the “don’t wanna be a virgin” bit.   Janet Jackson catapulted herself with her “Rhythm Nation,” because it was strong and sexy.  No strong in begging for sex as “rock with you.”

I thought Beyonce’s “Ring On It” was equally stupid and displeasing.  Something about putting a ring on her finger while shaking her ass in black leotard, tights and heels.  The camera pans around for different angles of Beyonce’s classic move:  shake your whole body all at once so the boobs and butt move in different directions.  Not that it’s much different from a lot of choreography out there, but I prefer a little more nuanced movement.  and who the hell knows why she was in a leotard saying someone should have “put a ring on it” if they “liked what they see.”  Because we all know that any woman’s goal is to get a ring on her finger to keep her p**sy in one spot for the rest of her life.   I am gagging in my morning coffee.

Ne-Yo’s video “Closer” is laughable. It starts off looking like an ad for men’s cologne, and then he starts singing. He is talking about how some woman “shines just like a star,” and then this shining star enters the stage dressed in little black “hot pants” and a top with black heels and tights (seemingly the only costume available

Ne-Yo empowering female sexuality...

Ne-Yo empowering female sexuality...

to women in the male African American video series) and straddles a motorcycle. Nothing says star and romance to me like instant sexual subjugation of a woman, don’t you think? Yeesh, it’s a wonder these guys ever even get laid. Blah, blah, blah, looks like he just wants to get head and not even worry about getting laid unless he wants someone to just hold still and fake orgasm to get the goon to move and finally fall asleep so she can take the popcorn bowl and finish the movie her own damn self. After that, the choreography improves, but the opening is painful to watch, embarrassing really, in its open insecurity about equal sexuality.

I am getting discouraged by early sexuality out there. Rough way to start the morning. What is this generation going to come to if they can’t ask for sex like the rest of us perverted old people. Perhaps this isn’t good for me.  Perhaps I need to start every morning with Pink.

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