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Pink, does it count if it’s dirty? Stupid Girls | Pink | Music Video | MTV

February 14, 2009

Hah, bet all you horndogs were thinking I was going to say something sexy for V-day, didn’t yah?  Suckers!  No, I was wondering if all the “pinkness”  in little girl culture counts if it’s torn and ripped and falling apart.  I was watching Pink’s video “Stupid Girls” to get myself up and moving this morning, this being a particularly necessary endeavor for meeting with a lawyer on Valentine’s Day.  So I am setting myself up for this meeting as only Pink can, and also, remember my post from yesterday, not interested in whiny women this morning.

Got a meeting with a lawyer on Valentine’s Day?  Need some inspiration?  Were you always the girl wearing pink but had the knees torn out of your pants? I was, because it was always probable that my descent from that tree could be perfected.  But, if you were like me, loving pink but never being able to live up to that potential girliness, celebrate to day with a little Pink.  I got you covered…  Love, WiseAss

Vodpod videos no longer available.

P.S. My sister says this message can summarized as such: Woohoo, you’re a dumbass and I am a Wiseass Bitch. Go PINK! Happy Valentine’s Day. P.S. I love you, bye. I’m really a bitch. Whatever.

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