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Asshole Business Award–Catholic Church

February 16, 2009

Well, living here in small-town U.S.A., I read over the weekend about one of my perennial favorite Asshole Businesses in the local newspaper that is closing down schools.  Finally!  Priests are running them, and aside from the immediate crass commentary on how some priests are pretty dangerous and should no longer be running the schools, it’s stupid business.  Having a priest run a school only works when the priests are the most learned people to be running a school, or those with the highest education in the area, and therefore assumedly know what to teach.

News flash:  the priests are not the most educated people in the vicinity anymore and are not capable of running the schools.

If priest were capable of running the schools, enrollment would be up, they wouldn’t be sexually abusing the children, and the church wouldn’t be covering all their evil scandals.  There is some evil in the world, and some of it is epitomized by that which should be holy.  People no longer have trust in the priests, go figure.  Well, the people who have trust in the priests are what my husband calls the “true believers,”  having their faith only to sustain them and running off the cliff behind the new Jesus.  In fact, I am sad that Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend let her down so severely, but I have to admit I am wholeheartedly impressed with a man who can make the Catholic Church believe him and STILL bilk them out of millions.  Talk about true believers in the church!

But, I digress.  The Catholic Church gets the Asshole Business Award for trying to maintain a business with the following flawed ideology:

1. It’s okay to hurt kids and cover it up.

2. People are so driven by their faith that they will continue to shell out money for system that allows and supports child abuse.

3. People will pay for child’s education to include some mention of faith if their church tells them it is the right thing to do.

4. The church still knows what is best for education.  Come on, priests (who are all men by the way, and that is a huge part of their problem), you were still speaking in Latin as little as 50 years ago and expecting everyone to learn it.  Hello!  Hasn’t that been tried before and never worked?  Think you might learn something through history with that.

5. The church doesn’t allow women or educators outside of their own realm into leadership positions.  I always say that a culture/society that doesn’t respect women will always die out.  Priesty Babies, Whiny Men, you got to admit that you need us in order to get more believers.  Even God had to make a woman to make man viable.  Jesus, you got to tell them something.

6. Top thing that ought to tell you your business sucks is that you are losing money.  The Catholic Church is losing it in spades.  I say:  Wise up or you will wipe yourselves out.  I also say that societies that fail to value women will eventually shut themselves down.  Back to that inability to procreate.

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