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Partner and I argue over Pelosi. Republicans Grieving

February 16, 2009

Salon’s front page has an article about Alexandra Pelosi and the grief of Republicans grieving the lost election.

My partner and I had an argument about it that went something like this:

Me: I think Alexandra’s position is naive and foolish.  Her statements are poorly nuanced and not very well researched.

Him:  Silence

Me:  She cries about people not liking her name and her access at political rallies is most likely due to her mother’s name.  It’s a shame that she has to play that card.

Him: She is a professional in her own right, a film maker.

Me:  She is hiding behind her mommy and then complaining about it.  That’s like saying on the playground “they won’t let me play because of my mommy.”  She gets to high school,” They won’t date me because of my mother.”  She goes to college,” No one at the bar will ask me out because of my mother.”  It gets old, and it’s ridiculous.  She is making films about politics.  Her mother is a powerhouse politician, and she hiding behind her and criticizing her.

Him: She is trying to say something.  She may be somewhat naive, but it’s not all bad.

Me:  Why do you defend all these women?  I say they are hiding behind their mommy and their gender, and you feel sorry for them.  Why?  I think plenty of people her age have done a lot more without using their parents and then complaining about their association.

Him:  Silence

Me:  Are you trying to get a rise out of me?  Do you really feels sorry for them?  They put crap out there, and you act like they’re juvenile and feel sorry for them.  It irritates me.  (Which everything is irritating me at this moment, even his look.)

Him:  Maybe

Me:  She sounds like she is crying.  Wah, wah, these people have a valid point of view that deserves to be heard.  Never mind the evils of George Bush and his kind who managed to send the nation to war, bankrupt the whole country (and now that I think about it at least 3 other businesses), send everyone into this conservativism, and these people deserve more?  Boo hoo, here come the big bad Republicans if we don’t listen to them?  Since when does this mean anything?  They send everyone off to war, but they have a valid point of view?  (They didn’t even get the location of the war right.) And now the media is treating them unfairly?  So the media should treat them better?  What kind of crazy talk is that?  Why do they get  more time?

Shortly after that, I walked upstairs.  Seems best not to argue over a filmmaker I disagree with anyway.  But, I don’t know more of what I am upset with, his immediate agreement with Pelosi’s viewpoint because he sees her as a poor little girl or Pelosi’s viewpooint that she has shown any maturity and nuance in using only one clip of someone calling Obama a socialist, or that she says that there are socialist tendencies because of an artistic style of buttons.  Buttons, people!  She uses buttons or artwork as validation of a whole political movement of socialism in the US.

Methinks the girl does not read enough.  Surely with her mother’s background and family’s involvement in politics she might have some inkling that these things aren’t right.  Alexandra Pelosi doesn’t understand that what she says will reflect poorly on her parents’ provisions for her education when she says she doesn’t understand people who won’t vote for their own tax cut. (Perhaps she should read my post on how everyday people like me just had to pay that money back.  Our “cut” was really just a temporary loan we were unable to deny from our friendly federal government courtesy of George Bush.)

I can’t deny that Republicans have a point of view, but I was grieving when Bush was re-elected.  I don’t agree with Bush’s exit strategy of saying that “no one could know all this was coming.”  Cheney, who by the way shot some old guy in the face with his buckshot, was talking about how he thoroughly believes that this nation will not be well-defended with Obama as president.  No one is talking logically here, and maybe that’s because logic never enters into politics, emotion rules there.

So, if logic never enters into politics, why am I so annoyed with Alexandra?  Maybe it’s just because she sounds like an ungrateful brat.  And, maybe it’s just that I don’t give a shit what the others have to say.   Simple as that.  This is how the article ends, with her complaining about other people’s parenting skills.  Really, it’s just not there for me.  Read the quote for yourself:

No. I have two kids now, and it’s a lot harder to travel with two kids, and that was sort of the great irony of this campaign … I would leave my kids at my parents’ house in California because it was summer and they were available for babysitting, and then I’d go out to rallies to listen to all these awful things they were saying about my nanny. I’d be like, “Hey, she’s taking very good care of my kids now. You talk about your family values. I don’t know where your kids are right now.”

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