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Are we women because of our make-up? Trannies, no worries about the dicks now!

February 24, 2009

Does make-up make us women?  Does our hairstyle and clothing preference make us more or less female?

Salon’s broadsheet has a posting about supposedly “the new lesbian chic” anchor on a news station who has gloriously deigned to wear make-up.  Oh yes, we are all determined by our looks, not our biology.  Thank God Rachel Maddow isn’t a “scary lesbian” meaning she won’t wear make-up or do her hair.  Now butch can be chic?

The second our biology starts becoming less important to what defines our gender, we should let all the people out there wanting sex change operations informed:  No need to cut off your penis and form a vagina, some simple make-up will work with that.

Whenever the topic of make-up comes up, I am always astounded by the vitrolity of the discussion.  Personally, I can say I haven’t always gotten along well with women who wear no make-up whatsoever, as I am a make-up fiend.  I love make-up, love the color, love changing it, and I love experimentation. That said, other people get very upset about make-up and how it’s worn.  Really, there could be a book ont hat too.

I remember the following advice on make-up:

  1. From a young sister-in-law:  red lipstick is for hookers
  2. From an aunt:  You don’t want to wear eyeliner, Honey, that’s for trashy women.
  3. From a young college woman:  My mother always told me the best make-up was the kind you couldn’t tell was there…(delivered with a lecturing tone, because you must have guessed it didn’t go well with my experiment with color vibe)
  4. From my mother:  Just not a lot before you are 14. (Age requirement still confuses me.)
  5. From my paternal grandmother:  Lipstick is worn to be seen.  That’s the way people know you have lips.
  6. From my maternal grandmother:  I love lipstick.  It makes me look awake/healthy.
  7. From my mother:  I put my make-up on because otherwise people think I look sick.
  8. From highschool friends:  Why do you wear make-up?  You should just wear Vaseline on your lips?  That would be so much better.
  9. From high school friends upon my first public appearance with mascara (must have been somewhat shocking because otherwise my eyelashes all have blonde tips):  Oh, my God, you look like Tammy Faye.  -Another girl:  No she doesn’t, those are beautiful.  I want my eyelashes to look like that!
  10. From my sister:  I don’t like lipstick on me, but it looks alright on you.  Maybe you should just quit your job and become a make-up artist, because I want you to do my make-up.

And so it goes, but I am always fascinated when the topic of make-up and gender comes up.  I guess more on that later, because my hands have gone numb typing… Sucks!

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