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Would You Like A Side of Alzheimers With Your Childhood Sporting Rights

February 24, 2009

Football isn’t a contact sport, it’s a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport. — Vince Lombardi

I use this quote as a link to an article on Salon about concussions causing an increase in Alzheimer’s later in life.  I have written about concussions in children numerous times, mainly because I think that parents and coaches give the concussions too little attention.  Part of that stems from my background as an educator, as well as a researcher, but part of the stems from my belief that brain injuries are serious, period.

With more and more injuries ocurring in children who play sports, especially those that are school-organized sports, I think that more needs to be done at the state and federal governmental level to protect educate our youth about inury.  I have seen way too many “trainers” and physicians write off a closed head injury/concussion just because other kids have t hem.  I also have  had experience with my very young child receiving a concussion that was summarily written off by school staff, in kindergarten no less.

Why does this worry me?  It worries me because not many parents, coaches, or school personnel seem to take the risk of concussion seriously.  Shaken baby syndrom results from brain injury, and it’s a well-recognized trait, punishable by law.  Why aren’t other head injuries taken seriously?  Call me crazy, but this is just one area I dont’ understand.

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