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Are Men Really Hothouse Flowers?

February 27, 2009

I read an intriguing bit on the theory of male domination and protecting the patriarchy on the site of Burnt Out Adjunct (who, remember, has a crush on me so I read more of his stuff…vanity is everywhere, I’ll admit).

Piss Poor Prof basically states that because men can be such blundering fools (and lists the elements in society that support this, those we might not even think about), that in order for the species to continue, we must protect the men from their idiocy.

What is it about the male half of a society that engenders (again, pun unintended) such attention.  My working thesis, as of this morning, is that the males are more vulnerable, more susceptible, and thus more in need of being saved.

Finally, a thesis I can support!  It’s not just that I agree with him in the stunning simplicity of his suggestion:  men are the weaker species, but society is set up to make them believe in their own strength to protect their vulnerable state, but I also think that this kind of mindset may actually be true enough to prove.

Float this out there:  tell any roomful of men that they are merely add-ons, superfluous designators of sperm and violence, perhaps brute strength but that the survival of species really (now with medical science and freezers) depends on women.  Aside from the snottiness of the comment, it instantly provokes a level of insecurity without equal.  Why?  Well, in many instances, it is true.  I love men, love the way they feel, love the way they look, love the cologne smell (although not sweat, contrary to biologists assertions), love their bodies, minds and all else, but from a true health standpoint, I might not need them.  Truly astonishing to some.

It is not that men are better than women, or more valuable because of larger muscle mass and protruding genitals, but maybe it’s that men are weaker that they get the perks.  Piss Poor Prof makes as good an assertion regarding the frailty of the male member as I have seen thus far.  Plus, it’s a really refreshing way to start the weekend.  Go have a read, and men, don’t assume this means you are too weak to do laundry.  I have heard it said that the only cure for this vulnerability is housework.

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