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Why does China want to talk sex now?

March 4, 2009
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In an  article about the new Chinese take on talking about sex seems it seems like the Chinese government is performing a huge  case of CYA.

Apparently the Chinese government now wants people to talk about STD’s, fertility issues, and might we say STD’s again?  In a country long held to have some of the most backwards attitudes toward the spread of HIV and other STD’s, China’s most recent pronouncement sounds like a severe case of hangover guilt.

For years China has turned a blind eye to reproductives issues beyond the one-child missive, leading women to have multiple abortions, leaving others who were infertile to suffer in shame, and leading to gender selection practices that are worldwide, including infanticide.  (My acupuncturist told me that she was never able to have a child, but being in infertile in China was a very lonely place, because most people assumed she should just be relieved to not have to worry about it.)

Why does China have the change of heart?  Seems as though there is now documentation to support the theory that HIV is spreading through hetero partner relationships, as opposed to just among homosexual relationships or drug use.  My big problem with China’s policy reversal is that it has taken so long to look at this.  Not acknowledging HIV spread until it hits the “right population/hetero population”  seems a form of genocide to me.  (Look at American history with HIV,  and you will see our leaders were no better.)

But, as a country that doesn’t value its women and is doomed to failure long term (increased rates of crime, lower population, increased rates of child and spousal abuse, etc.) I am thinking China is just doing this now to try to keep a lid on the HIV numbers they do have.  Any kind of health measure adopted in China is like a huge public health experiment the world needs to listen to.  The ramifications of a single change taking effect have enormous repercussions due to population size.

I suspect China’s motives because I think that all of these issues only came about after a moral standoff to see if heterosexual sex was better than homosexual sex as far as disease spread: if people would just have sex as hetero partners then they wouldn’t get  HIV.  Hmm, human  behavior doesn’t work like that.  But, it seems that most public health policies are rooted too strongly in moralistic stances, and this seems another one of those on China’s part.

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