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I don’t care if you got beads

March 5, 2009

My partner says that since one of my most active posts is my About section I should put some pictures up.  He says that judging by cultural relevance, the fastest way to fame and fortune is to show my tits.  I have already had a discussion about that on About page, and it’s really true:  I have an identical twin.

Seems strange that even though I write about sex everyday, which seems to come into my post whether I like it or not (mostly likely I am an old married woman–translation:  gross sex for whom this is legal, as opposed to someone in a lesbian relationship which carries great titillation appeal but apparently no social freedoms).  But I digress onto social structure when I am just sort of observing how everything seems to have a double entendre, and I feel like a high schooler again.  Everything I say is somehow sexual to male readers, even the aggression.  Go figure.  I can’t.

I say all this to say that I really do wonder if it’s true that a woman gets ahead faster by showing the tits or just keeping them to herself and letting everyone think she has great ones.  I fitted women for years in the bra department at Hudson’s, and you would be amazed what  a Wonderbra can do.  Is it better to show the tits in the bra, out of the bra, or just let everyone assume you have great ones and tell no one about the bra?  Wonderbras used to be a secret among women, kind of like asking whether or not they were over 30–you just didn’t ask.  Women will show you the color or their underwear a lot faster than they will divulge bra styles.

Well, and that seems to be the extent of my academic discussion and brain this morning.  things don’t look good for the academic book this moriing.  (Otherwise known as morning.)  We have no coffee, I subsisted on half a stale donut for breakfast, and apparently have no inclination to do anything outside of  food and write about sex.  Perhaps it’s time for Friday.

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