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Why is Chris Brown Still Nickelodeon’s Choice? Thanks Nickelodeon

March 12, 2009

Nickelodeon, the famed children’s television conglomerate is purporting to  have just left Chris Brown as its contender for the 2009 Kids Choice Awards, which goes to show that most parents are correct in their estimation that television conglomerates don’t always make smart parenting decisions and shouldn’t be left to their own devices.  Whenever a child is too quiet, you check up on them, and I would recommend the same for Nickelodeon.  Ah yes, the parenting stars of the decade would certainly name executives at Nickelodeon with top responsibility awards this time.  Here is Nickelodeon’s sage parenting advice:

“The kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category,” Nickelodeon said in a statement Tuesday.

Hmm, that sounds suspiciously like: let the kids do what they want, doesn’t it?  Most parents agree with this  which is why they never set rules, enforce bedtimes or ground their teens for staying up too late.  Thanks, Nickelodeon for giving such warm and thoughtful advice to our nations’ parents and tweens.  Thanks for sticking with stars who have been charged with criminal felonies even when responsible companies are pulling out.  Thanks, Nickelodeon for even stating that felony violence charges aren’t enough for you to even consider a statement beyond letting the kids do what they want–of course you  never let parental responsibility enter those judgments, and I am sure all the tweens will thank you.  Thanks for thinking like a teenager who wants to assign blame in a situation like this to the governing authorities who might say that beating your girlfriends head agains the side of the car until it bled is okay “if you were upset.”  Go ahead, Nickelodeon, stand up for kids’ rights, because you are certainly in the moral majority here.

According to an on-line news article, Twittermoms have opened up the debate by calling for Nickelodeon to be responsible in removing both involved stars from the line-up:

“We are appalled [sic] that Chris Brown and Rhianna [sic] are still listed as a nominees on the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards show. Brown’s name should have been removed from contention the moment the charges were filed,” reads the petition, which has already tallied 3,000-plus signatures.

“Making things worse is that his victim, Rhianna [sic], also a nominee, refused a no-contact order and plans to continue the relationship in spite of a violent attack by Brown. Had she made the rational decision to accept the no-contact order and end the relationship, she would not be named in this petition!

“While we don’t think public figures are expected to always act responsibly in the name of being a role-model, this situation is unacceptable on both sides. To say that either of these people setting a suitable example to be held up as ‘winners’ is preposterous.”

Twittermoms has a lot to say about the ability of celebrities to be role models, which is something I seriously doubt the validity of and suspect any person who says they can be.  What truly annoys me is the fact that some truly fucked up people get to stand up there and cheer with the kids about how great they are when one spent a weekend beating the shit out of the other.  Guess Nickelodeon really does think kids know best.

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