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The bail-outs are like taking candy from a bunch of babies

March 17, 2009
American Express Company
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The U.S. is in the news looking like a bunch of gaffers again with the big government bail-out, makes the law-makers look like the babies the big kids stole the suckers from.  Who are the suckers now though?   Jesus it makes me sick to watch them wave their arms while they fume about AIG r bail-outs when they are dealing with men who have a culture of crime.   When is anyone going to realize the banking industry works at the mob level as far as lending money?  And the investment and insurance groups haven’t been much b better.  How many big executives do we have to arrest and charge before we realize it’s a crony group of crime?  Interest rates at 30%?  Didn’t Al Capone start stuff like that up?  Hmm, maybe it’s time to take another look at VISA.  American Express has been practicing the lender policy changes of lowering available credit below a customer’s balance in order to charge extra fees.  Where is the legislation here?

Really Obama, for those big guns in the corporate world, getting the tax bail-out from good ole gullible lawmakers was like taking money from babies.  And now, who is to stop them from giving it back to their personal boats?  Yeesh. Where are the brains around here?  No  lawmaker saw that coming?  the auto execs showed up in private jets.  You think that the banking industry is going to be different?

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