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HOw is the public school system federally funded childcare?

March 19, 2009
preschool children playing outside
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Everyone jumps when I mention this topic:  public schools are, in fact, “free” federally funded childcare for parents who work full-time.  Everyone jumps because no one wants to think of schooling as childcare.  No one wants to admit that this is the largest social institution funded by the government after the military.  No one wants to admit this, because they all want to say that their public schools are either the best or the worst.  As my father says:  no government guarantees excellency, just provisionary goods.  So why, after all this time, do people assume excellence based on government funds?  I like the idea of excellence in public education; I think we should strive for it, but we can’t promise the world on a bake sale budget and give world class educations that way.  I don’t have a ready solution, but I have been toying with the idea of posting a table about the comparisons between factory work/military time and the school schedule.  More about that later, but a factory model no longer fits our country for the economic model; how the hell would it fit for the educational model?

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