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“Economists already suggest that the black-white achievement gap can be reduced by 25 percent just by reducing residential mobility and improving the availability of health care for black children and of mental-health services for their caregivers,” Mr. Berliner writes.

March 20, 2009
On exhibit: affluent African-Americans
Image by quinn.anya via Flickr

Yes, Mr. Berliner, why won’t those people stay in one place?  It’s like the racist old folks I heard say:  “Yeah, those black people move all the time, ain’t good parents, and they just can’t be stable.”  Sounds like the same complaint in an Edweek quoted commentary to me.  Why would he specifically talk about the “black-white” gap and then mention what goes wrong in families as if it only happens to African-Americans?  Then, the following quote comes from an Edweek staffer, Debra Viadero.  Hurray, Debra for managing to sound like a racist ass yourself:

To tackle those issues, the report offers a laundry list of recommendations for policymakers. They include reducing the rate of low-birthweight children born to African-American mothers and reducing drug and alcohol abuse, pollutant levels in cities, and rates of student mobility and absenteeism in schools

Why don’t those supposed drug-addicted African American teenage mothers just hand their kids over to the system?  Sure would be a lot easier on the white folks writers’ majority guilt.  We have had drug-addicted teenage mothers in our family, who have had children removed from their care, and we are not African American.  Is this really a debate about better parenting practices based on skin color?  If the writers think it’s well-written, I would say it’s racially-biased propaganda.

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