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Why did common slob evoke such ire?

March 28, 2009
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Just cause I mentioned that not all academic writing was available to the common slob, some people got terribly worked up.  I didn’t mean to start discussion, but things veered off course.  The original commentator wanted Academic writing as bullshit. Apparently we all got into slob discussions.


  • comp instructors writing?
  • Posted by Brokeharvardgrad on March 17, 2009 at 9:15am EDT
  • Since when do we expect that academic writing must be available to the “common” reader? In case anyone hasn’t noticed, most newspapers shoot for the 8th grade reading level, but that doesn’t mean that academics should follow suit. Why would academics need to change their jargon in English any more than we would expect a microbiologist to not use jargon when publishing in Science? Seems to me that too many English people are stepping on their own feet, and they are definitely falling prey to false advertising about making something “readable” to the common slob
  • Them:
  • “Common slob’s” perspective
  • Posted by Idealist on March 17, 2009 at 11:45am EDT
  • Many writers & their instructors miss this simple point…If you expect written words to be read, but more importantly for the reader to understand the thought that went into it, write to the audience. The practice by academics to “one up” the next person with vocabulary is simple minded snobbery (bullshit). Extraordinary composition holds the interest of the reader with profound ideas, painted with enough color, but not too much as to blur the thought. We common slobs can and do appreciate fine art & fine writing skills. We may even appreciate finely woven BS. Alas all is not lost — reading tripe is like watching something on TV you dislike…click!

I should make note here that the guy doesn’t even have the balls to write the word bullshit without codefying it, and his name is Idealist.  Think we can write him off.

I like Grumpy better:

  • grumpy
  • Posted by destitute in paradise on March 17, 2009 at 12:00pm EDT
  • Speaking as a “common slob,” there is little to gain by investing the time and energy into decoding gross amounts of academic jargon outside of my discipline. If you don’t have the eloquence–and few academics do–to convey your ideas in a way that is accessible to the public, then there is someone else who surely can. If your intention is to only write for those in your discipline, then don’t complain when your publications are ignored by us plebs and the next gen of scholars.

Ah, another nerd trying to hide in sheep’s clothing as the common slob–he used the word eloquence in his section.  Yeesh, apparently all these people identifying with the idea of common slob want to do things like put it in caps or use big words to describe it.  Well, here is my response to them:

Should you like reading long-winded and esoteric discussions on the value of academic bullshit quotients, I have included the link.  But really, all I can get caught up in is the discussion of people about themselves.  Go figure.

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