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Teachers should lift cell phone bans in schools to promote learning

March 30, 2009
mobile phones in education
Image by NLanja via Flickr

An article I just read on

cell phone use in schools spoke about the value of cell phones for educational purposes.

As adults, we recognize the value of cell phones and use them in many ways:  storage devices, planners, entertainment, for taking/storing/sending photos, texting/writing, and even for basic calculations.  So why would it come as surprise that these devices might help our student population?

Why does it take the education establishment so long to admit that maybe the digital devices they want to quash down are incredibly useful and may actually help our students learn?

Local schools here crack down on cell phone use and literally take away students’ cell phones and keep them for weeks at a time, which I am not sure is legal based on the fact that the phone constitutes private property, is not considered dangerous,  and there has been no state law passed banning cell phone use.  But oftentimes schools persist in activities that I don’t think are legal (read my post from yesterday about the Catholic school), and so not many parents complain about cell phone use.

I am stating here and now that cell phone use in schools will seem commonplace and ordinary, no different than using a programmable calculators with games built in.

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