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Wagoner has been fired, but how about the rest of them? Government money is never free!

March 31, 2009
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America has been clearing executive house, kicking butt, and keeping up with the big CEO firings.  We can now add Rick Wagoner to the list, thank goodness for small favors.

Let this be a lesson to all you people out there:  the government money is never free!

If you register for public schools, your child’s health history, school attendance and test scores will be tracked.  If you get a bail-out, you will lose your hiring capacity.  If you get a tax stimulus, it will come off the next year’s tax returns (thanks Bush!).  How is it that the auto industry didn’t see this before.

Apparently Governor Granholm has been saying that she thought poor little itty bitty helpless with Harvard MBA that helped bankrupt a huge industry in the U.S. is just a scapegoat for market forces.  I would tell Governor Granholm that firing Wagoner epitomizes market forces.  Where has Granholm been, seriously?  You know what we Michiganders got for the stimulus package she is doling out?  $25 extra dollars per 2 weeks in umeployment.  Dont’ be too generous Granholm, because we have Rick Wagoners to watch out for, to make sure his victim status stays in the news with the $23 million dollar severance package he gets.  Never mind that I am struggling to hold onto my house, or that my neighbors house has become the example of our working generation here in MI:  there is burn barrel in the backyard, with lots of young able-bodied people around it (men mainly) standing there burning the drywall and particle board as they work on rebuilding the interior of their garage and house.  They have nothing else to do.  My partner has decided that now is a good time to put up trim.  But, hey, Granholm, feel sorry for the poor little fish with the $23 million in pension.

Why worry about the people desperately working on improving their houses with what little money they have to try not to look like flight risk in foreclosure court?  Granholm has long been the pimp of the auto industry, but no more so than today when she starts defending an executive who will take millions of dollars in severance while the rest of us in Michigan stand around the burn barrels.  Go Granholm, go, because we sure are amazed!

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