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Confessions of a Grader on Standardized Tests: I made mistakes

April 1, 2009
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Under Obama’s new plan for tracking student achievement through monitoring a student’s entire life of standardized test scores, supposedly educational gains will be made for students by measuring student progress? I wrote about this before, because I think standardized testing is a culturally biased and invasion of privacy method of watching kids in schools. But , I also have a confession to make:

I used to be a grader and scorer of children’s standardized tests.  Do you want to know the real truth?  Sometimes I made mistakes, and there was no way to undo them.

We didn’t have any way to know how much this affected a child’s testing score.  We didn’t know if a child suffered because of this.  We worried about it at our lunch outings, talked about it when we came home, and generally felt guilty that the testing system was misrepresentative of a student’s abilities.

The problem with standardized testing is that there is no way to standardize the variances in human achievement.

To say that a written test measures a student’s skills is like saying you have a bridge in Florida that you are selling shares of: it’s all a sham.

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