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Don’t Call me Mom…I am not your mother

April 2, 2009

I know it sounds awful to say this, but writing about Mama Ph.D’s title made me think of the whole practice of calling other women “Mom” in a scenario when someone isn’t interested in learning a name, as a way of showing disrespect.

This calling someone “Mom” as an adult to adult happens frequently in the medical profession and is a sign of disrespect.  I frequently tell nurses, doctors, and any other adult who happens to call me “Mom” as opposed to my name that I am not, in fact, their mother.  I tell them: “you may call me, Ms.___” but I am not your mother, so either read the chart and use my name, or don’t address me at all.

I have the same irritation with professionals who say “Dad” too, because it is used the same context, in a degrading fashion.   Whoever disagrees that being called Mom and Dad by people other than your children should try addressing the president that way and see what happens.  I am not saying that I need to have all the respect due the president, but I particularly find it derogatory when someone else fails to learn my name, profession, or address me in a more formal fashion when I have no idea who they are.

Even small children are more polite.  They say “__’s Mom, would you help me?”  Small children recognize context and are appropriate, why is it that teachers, school administrators, and medical staff can’t seem to find the same manners?

Don’t call me Mom.  I am not your mother.  You may call me Ms.  You work for me, and I am not interested in taking advice.

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