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Granholm, the Pimp of the Auto Industry: Take 2

April 8, 2009
General Motors Corporation
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It’s a bad day here in MI when I read that Granholm, in her ever car slutty ways has just inked $873 million worth of legislation toward building up the road in MI, never mind that no one is buying cars to drive on those roads. I have been having problems with Granholm’s policies for some time:  she seems destined to let the brains melt out of MI while trying to save the automakers’ rejects.  I know, I know, referring to another woman as slutty is so old school, but it seems Granholm will stop at nothing to stay in the automakers’ bed, even as their divorce from the nation seems imminent, even as all the rest of the constituents are suffering from this affair, even as we stand around our burn barrels looking for work and trying to save our homes. Never mind Jennifer, because your bedroom is your own business, except when it becomes ours.

Granholm’s latest poorly-thought plans to save Michigan include bringing in jobs for road crews.  Working on road crews is dangerous work, but apparently people forget that.  And, while I know Michigan was voted by truckers as having some of the worst roads, (and I am sure that paved cowpaths would probably figure in there) I don’t know why we aren’t looking at some IT infrastructure instead of pavement.  Places like White Cloud, Michigan don’t even have regular internet lines.  What is this focus then on driving in Michigan when everyone seems to be driving out?

Granholm’s other initiative was to have a booming tourist industry, which seemed strange when the economy was going bust.  But, hey, what about the beauty when we are constructing new roads?  Of course it seems logical that this was part of Granholm’s strange and unstructured plan to build the great State of Michigan, what with pushing tourism during a recession, backing the automakers during their bust, and now putting all the money into roads, Granholm seems to be running our state on backwards.  What happened to attracting and retaining brains in Michigan?  Papers have been talking about how Michigan can’t retain most of it’s college grads, and we have fights erupting among laid off workers, and to make matters worse, we are now investing in asphalt?  How is this investing in people outside of Wagoner, whom Granholm called the sacrificial lamb, but Granholm neglected to mention his $23 million pension buy-out.

Always on the lookout for the local residents of Michigan, Granholm had this to say about the man who helped bankrupt our state and put our young men and women out of work:

“Rick Wagoner is an honorable man, and his decision to resign reflects his ultimate loyalty to General Motors and its outstanding employees.  To sacrifice his position so the company can obtain the necessary federal help to ensure its future as well as the jobs of the men and women who work there demonstrates an incredible amount of integrity, and I wish him the very best.  I look forward to working with his successor to ensure the viability of General Motors for its second hundred years.

Go Granholm!  Way to support the actual autoworkers–stand up for the CEO that laid them off.  It makes me sick to see that Granholm still hasn’t invested in other things.  What about the music industry?  We have Kid Rock, Eminem, and Ted Nugent here in Michigan, along with giants in the film industry like Michael Moore.  But, let’s forget all the people who don’t have the auto ties, even if they are smart, making money, and openly make some of their art in Michigan.  Let’s pity Wagoner, build new roads and not give anyone else a chance.  The honorable thing for you to do Governor Jennifer Granholm is to resign along with the automakers.  Get out of bed.

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