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I did Kid Rock today, all day

April 9, 2009
071220-M-9719V-222 KUBAL, Afghanistan (Dec. 20...
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Well, that sounds remarkably sexual.  What I really meant was that I picked Kid Rock for my artist today.  When I am sitting down and writing all day I often pick an artist whose work I will go through, for an entire day and work from that place, wherever that other person is.  I know it sounds like it may not work for non-fiction work, but it really helps give another perspective.  Today was my Kid Rock day.

I picked this picture because my brother is headed to Afghanistan in a week.  I have been crying, trying to let go, trying not to cry when I check out at the grocery store, when I see an American flag, when I watch the news with soldiers’ funerals, when I work, when I write, when I sleep.  So, Kid Rock here in Afghanistan, maybe it will bring my brother good luck.  The rest of the day just seems to go to shit when it hits like this unless I go somewhere in music.  I am also showcasing Michigan talent, so this seems to be a good fit, besides he has that tragic air about him, totally fits my mood.  He always has the emotionally unavailable women around, totally available with what they let you see of their body, but totally emotionally unavailable.

So, no video for this, but you can check out the article below, if you want to read about his visit to the troops.  Stay safe, Baby Brother.  I miss you…

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