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Do you gotta have a little Janis Joplin in your life too?

April 10, 2009
Janis Joplin, San Jose, California, 1968
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I was watching Kid Rock last night, a lot of melancholy and a lot of nostalgia, as I had said before to match my mood.  I got into Janis Joplin, and even though she wasn’t from MI (apparently was from Texas and a former Church of Christ member which makes me shudder and my partner laugh because he was both in his former life too), Janis is a balm for the soul.  She is one of those artists that just gets better every time I watch her videos or hear her songs.  The nostalgia comes from a long car ride out to Montana with a girlfriend of mine, and we were busy raging against the machine, leaving the men, and flying through states with no speed limits and memorizing Joplin’s Mercedes Benz and Bobby McGee.  I love Joplin’s Bobby McGee, as opposed to Waylan Jennings who wouldn’t have obviously owned up to any kind of relationship with him.  Well, and sometimes Country music is too refined for my taste–I want to hear the final emotion in someone’s voice.  In any case, Kid Rock led to Janis Joplin, who finally led to happiness.  My other old roommate said that Bob Marley was the ticket for that, but nothing like a little Joplin to make the heart warmer.

My brother had an old apartment with a poster of a topless Joplin on the inside cabinet door, and even then I thought that it should stay up.  (his future wife made him take it down) After all, who doesn’t need a little Joplin?

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