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Firing of faculty: How Mc Nealy got it wrong and Stillman College is in for a fight

April 10, 2009
Stillman College Seal
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Stillman College’s president, Ernest McNealey, fired a faculty member Ekow O. Hayford, after the faculty criticized the president’s policies.   I posted this comment to Inside Higher Ed, but you might want to check it out yourselves...  The attorneys, poor schmucks, pretty much admitted that the faculty, Hayford, was fired for causing problems for the president, in a seemingly shocking move of brutal stupidity and banality on the part of the president:

The lawyer added: “Freedom of speech does not allow Hayford to scream fire in a crowded theater. The economic and enrollment challenges with which Stillman has dealt in attempting to continue its persistent and determined commitment to the education of its students are exacerbated by inflammatory, conclusory personal criticisms such as levied by Professor Hayford.”

There is a huge difference between inciting riotsin a movie theater and criticizing a president, but apparently the lawyers fail to understand this.  So, gosh, too bad the lawyers are there to help the president, because it sounds an awful lot like they just made the case for the president firing faculty on personal grounds.  McNealy, with help like that, you don’t need enemies–You don’t stand a chance.  Stillman College President Ernest McNealy has won the Asshole Business Award for this week.

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