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Google was born in Michigan. Why won’t Granholm look at technology here?

April 10, 2009
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I really preface all this by saying that in truth, I think Google is the devil, but devilish or no, Michigan could use its cash.l

The Google concept was born  here in Michigan, and it has been one of the leading tech groups of our generation.  Why won’t Granholm look at this kind of innovation?  The brain flight began when Google left Michigan, two grad students off to find their fortune in Silicon Valley, CA.  So why not here in MI?  Well, it seems that Michiganders have only been concerned with the auto industry for years– as evidenced by our poor governor.  Granholm has not put initiatives in place to diversify our ecomony here in Michigan, and neither have our lawmakers.  It seems a conspiracy here in Michigan that our lawmakers and automakers are so far into their relationship that they don’t want any competition here.  But, many people forget that there have been innovations here in Michigan, but the lawmakers and people have not put the effort into developing them.  Amway started here, now developed into Alticore.  Google started here, moved to Silicon Valley.  The automakers started here, moved a lot of their operations overseas.  It all starts here, but none of it stays here.  We have to fix the brain drain in order to fix the economy, and Granholm, putting the money into roads isn’t a viable plan to make this Michigan economic climate work.  I

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