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My feminisms and Kid Rock and Eminem

April 10, 2009

I found myself in the middle of a moment of cognitive disconnect yesterday.  I was evaluating Kid Rock, and I was listening to some Eminem the day before and evaluating whether or not I think these men would make good people, good lovers, good partners, good parents, businessmen (yes to that right away), as I showcase Michigan talent, and I found myself liking the people but hating the message about women.  My feminist ire always emerges whenever Kid Rock or Eminem come into the conversation, but I find myself smiling too, and trusting that the message they give is a true one.  I contrasted this with  my image of George Clooney who, while a little too old for me, still wouldn’t be someone I would trust because he never seems to be telling the truth.  I get the fact that Clooney is an actor and therefore not by profession into telling his own truth, and muscians frequently tap into their whole truth (as evidenced by Eminem and his bipolar love and hatred of women), but who would I trust?  Guess it’s the Michigan boys again.  Funny, isn’t it?  I have a Harvard degree.  I am a feminist.  I have all of these cognitive messages to hate them, but then I just start laughing.  I don’t like Kid Rock’s issue with “pimp,” even while I have no problem with the strippers.  Some of my very good friends in college were strippers, and I hit the joints with boyfriends, my friends who worked there, and even with some of my partner’s former co-workers.  It was always a bit awkward when I had to go to the bathroom and the only one available was the women’s dressing room, because none of the surrounding men understood why I came out of the dressing room fully dressed in jeans, but other than that, I was used to the culture.  I didn’t pass judgment on the women, and they were my friends.  The men were all shapes and sizes and ranges of goodness, like any other segment of society.  But, it seems both artists have this profound disrespect for women at an emotional level–so why would I trust them?  And here is what I don’t know.  I just don’t get it myself.  Maybe it’s Michigan solidarity.  Maybe it’s truthfulness.  Maybe it has to do with more than my cognitive brain and more of the sex part that none of us openly acknowledge (although I am sitting in staunch denial even as I write this).  I had to put it out there though, my moment of truth, my feminist shame, and the whole idea that we might not even know our own brains, much less those of Kid Rock and Eminem.

george clooney

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