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Your Body Is a Wonderland | Instruction Manual–give me a good ride

April 11, 2009

Eminem and Kid Rock should take lessons in seduction from John Mayer–give me what I wantJohn Mayer utilizes useful persuasion in Your Body is a WonderlandI started off with Norah Jones, but maybe because I am looking for good long lovemaking songs went to John Mayer after Norah Jones. Norah Jones’ music indicates she would take her time too, but John Mayer is the king of taking time and convincing a woman that what she really wants is to spend all day with him in bed, his own male wish suddenly becomes the only thing she wants. Now that’s hot.The thing that is sexy about this song is that it’s not all about what John wants–he uses his voice to describe how it will be good for the woman, and that’s hot. It’s hard to get turned on when you think, as a woman, that all that’s ahead of you in bed is work. It’s not that women won’t give as well as they get, but the true secret of seduction is to convince the other person that you will show them what it’s like to be a true lover.When my partner read my post about liking Eminem and Kid Rock, he asked me if I thought they were sexy, and I had to say no. It’s not that I don’t respect their personal message for it’s complete honesty, but let’s face it: Kid Rock and Eminem would be nothing without their anger. What’s left after all that anger burns up? Do they even know how to be happy? It’s a slippery slope to have that anger feed all your success, and then you have no room in that equation for real love or total affection toward someone else, in bed or anywhere else. It seems like that anger might be good for a quick fuck, but after that, there is no long, whole afternoon and into the evening dinner sex scenarios. No, Kid Rock and Eminem aren’t really sexy in that way. John Mayer, now he says things like “damn, Baby” and “you frustrate me,” but it’s said in that way that sounds like dirty pillow talk, and who doesn’t get hot with that? that little whisper, that little discussion that’s going to lead to hot sex, because he has promised to use his hands… Yeah, I would love to see Kid Rock or Eminem do this sort of thing, because I would love to see that side of them. Your Body Is A Wonderland could really be used as an instruction manual for Kid Rock and Eminem–what all women want to hear is what is in it for them. Kid Rock and Eminem limit themselves from showing their true sexuality by having only strippers around. It’s kind of like Jack Black–he may be stoned and into unhealthy things, like the other bad boys, but he loves women and it shows. Women love men who love them, and who won’t worry if their belly or butt aren’t perfect. Women give great rewards to men who openly declare their love for women. I have dated a few men like this, and while they are rather hard to pin down to one person (and I knew this from the get-go) it’s a great ride. Come on Kid and Em, won’t you give all of us girls a ride like that?

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