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Yummy, want some Prozac with your morning coffee?

April 20, 2009
Image by dreamglow via Flickr

Surprise, surprise, we are drinking our medications from out local water supplies.  It’s strange to think that no one contemplated this before, because all the waste that’s washed with water must go somewhere.  In a new report, evidence shows that pharmeceutical manufacturing plants dump medication residues into the water.  No kidding.  Gee, I want to know why no one has found this before.  Apparently we join the ranks of international industries like those found in India.  Hello, we were supposed to have better water sanitation and cleaning programs than that.  What happened here?

I love the fact that these “medications” are also used in general manufacturing processes:

Hundreds of active pharmaceutical ingredients are used in a variety of manufacturing, including drugmaking: For example, lithium is used to make ceramics and treat bipolar disorder; nitroglycerin is a heart drug and also used in explosives; copper shows up in everything from pipes to contraceptives.

We use copper water pipes; we put copper into a woman’s uterus because it’s so disruptive.  We use nitro for the heart, and we blow shit up with it.  Ah yes, the growing glory of our current medical system.

What is more frightening is the fact that our government doesn’t seem to want to find out about what is in our water supply:

“It doesn’t pass the straight-face test to say pharmaceutical manufacturers are not emitting any of the compounds they’re creating,” said Kyla Bennett, who spent 10 years as an EPA enforcement officer before becoming an ecologist and environmental attorney.

Pilot studies in the U.S. and abroad are now confirming those doubts.

Last year, the AP reported that trace amounts of a wide range of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in American drinking water supplies. Including recent findings in Dallas, Cleveland and Maryland’s Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, pharmaceuticals have been detected in the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans.

Why not?  No big surprise that Bush admin has something to do with blocking this stuff.  And all this time, all I thought I was having with my coffee was cream.  Guess I am getting a big dose of pharmacueticals too.  Who needs the pharmacy when you can just turn on the tap here in America?

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