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Recession in US= more abortions and vasectomies, what about making the Pill free along with antibiotics?

April 22, 2009
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In a sad state of the affairs of average Americans, we can add one more list to the litany of those facing foreclosure, job loss, and loss of healthcare: unintended pregnancy.  I know that abortion rates go up in the days of an economic crisis, but what I haven’t heard is whether or not birth controls rates have gone up.  I have long thought that the birth control pill should be free in this country–why make women suffer through an abortion when we could just give them free birth control to begin with? Why do women have to continue to bear the brunt of pregnancies when we could just give them the option to not get pregnant to begin with?  Women should be allowed to have sex unfettered by the economic inability to afford birth control.  We are truly an advanced nation, and yet our poorest have no measure of control  over their own fertility?

Once again, it’s the women with the low income that are facing the highest levels of abortion, not the wealthy.


But at the National Abortion Federation, a hotline for women seeking abortion information has been “ringing off the hook,” according to the group’s president, Vicki Saporta.

“We are currently getting more calls from women who report that they or their partner have recently lost their job, and we are also hearing from more women facing eviction,” she said.

I go back to wondering why it is that the poor women have to go through these scenarios, but they would also be criticized for having another child if they are broke.  I realize the Pill is a medication, but I also feel it’s a unanimous right, regardless of age, regardless of parental consent (otherwise the parent owns the child’s body?), and in other industrialized countries, the Pill is available without a vaginal exam.  They call us in the US rudimentary in our insistence that every woman be forced into a pelvic exam in order to get access to birth control, and really in the UK, they feel that if the US did more to get birth control out to the public, they would have fewer unintended pregnancies.  In an age where the medical community has complete control over a woman’s body, it’s the government who can also be held accountable.

Sexual freedom for women is about having access to healthcare that does not require pelvic exams in order to get the Pill, along with all the other costs inherent in an OB office.  We give out free mammograms.  We have free centers for cancer screenings, but we can’t have free birth control?  It’s the dark ages out here for women’s sexual freedoms.  The Pill doesn’t do any good if you can’t afford to take it.

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