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Why, oh why is Obama picking fights with the military when we are at war?

April 22, 2009
The Real McCain
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Obama, here is some unasked advice:  Don’t pick fights with the military when you want them to accomplish your mission in Afghanistan.  Everyone knows that no one goes into war and stays the same person–that’s what makes us people–killing someone else shouldn’t be an easy thing.  But really, why is Obama pushing the glut of senseless personal opinions regarding the military?  Why doesn’t Obama have a better censor?  Mc Cain is now demanding an apology from the White House at having been lumped into Obama’s “damaged citizen” mode from being at war.  Of course our citizens won’t do well with war, but why then send more troops to Afghanistan if you are only going to criticize them when they come back?

Obama, you have some serious lessons to learn here, because you seem set on self-destruct mode.  If you criticize your military in a time of war, you make them appear weak.  Did you learn nothing in your leadership classes at Harvard?  There is no perfect system for fighting a war; that’s why it’s called war.

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