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FDA allows 17 year olds to buy morning after pill without an Rx–finally someone has figured out that 17 year olds can get pregnant!

April 23, 2009
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Remember when I was complaining about the lack of free birth control for women, just making the Pill free for women as some big public health initiative?  Remember that?  $4 birth control pills instead of just antibiotics?  Or, free birth control pills, because Meijer has made some antibiotics free?  Well, in a step in the right direction, the FDA has said that women can get the Morning After Pill without a prescription.  No one has said anything about cost yet, but they can get it without a prescription.  No word yet on how to get the Pill without a lengthy and costly doctor’s visit, but really, maybe we are moving in the right direction?  I hope so, because it sure took the FDA a long time to figure out the 17 year olds can get pregnant, and with the whole Sarah Palin’s daughter bit coming out, you would think someone had a clue there.

Under the Bush Admin, apparently no one had a clue that unintended pregnancies among young women even existed, or if they did, apparently the administration wanted to control women’s bodies through their parents:

Barr had earlier sought over-the-counter access for those 16 and older.

The FDA under President George W. Bush delayed making any decision for three years. Then In 2006 it allowed behind-the-counter sales to those age 18 and older who showed proof of age while still requiring a prescription for girls 17 and younger.

Great idea to let the lawmakers rule on young women’s sexuality, but hey, didn’t a school get to strip search a 13-year old girl for ibuprofen suspicions?  Yeah, I guess we haven’t come as far as I might have hoped.

Groups supporting women’s rights have been happy about this decision, but still notice that some strange agencies still believe that promisicuity is : 1. something they can control  & 2. something they should care about.  After all, aren’t government agencies set up to monitor who does what in bed, and with how many people?

Women’s health advocates cheered the FDA’s decision, with some adding that access should be loosened even more, to allow shelf sales without age restrictions. They along with company officials argue it is critical for women to have quick access to the drug, which aims to prevent pregnancy when used within 24 hours of sexual intercourse.

“It’s a good indication that the agency will move expeditiously to ensure its policy on Plan B is based solely on science,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which initiated the lawsuit in 2005.

National Women’s Health Network policy director Amy Allina said FDA’s move “gets us part way to where we believe the FDA should be.” But she added, “Putting it behind the counter does not make it safer or more effective. In fact, because it creates another barrier it’s likely to make it less effective.”

Plan B is a set of two pills that contain higher doses of progestin than are used in prescription birth control pills.

Conservative groups have opposed any nonprescription access to the drug, saying among other things that it could lead to promiscuity.

Apparently some bloggers have already commented on how the Plan B pill endangers children’s lives (children meaning the pregnant teenagers), but maybe they haven’t almost died from a pregnancy like I have?  Pregnancy is not a safe option for me.  I have permanent scars from the last baby that died, because it was living in my fallopian tube.  Perhaps some of these people don’t get the fact that maybe women don’t want to die fr om pregnancy related concerns?

Oh wait, I forgot, the FDA doesn’t track maternal deaths the same way that other countries do, leading women to believe pregnancy is safer than it is.  Good ole U.S. of A, can you “protect us” anymore from our own bodies, the men who want to control them and the parents who want to control their kids’ sexuality?  Hmm, might be easier to herd cats, but damnit they’re going to give it the old A for effort.  Never mind that the president couldn’t keep his own pecker in his pants, but let’s go after the teenagers, shall we?  After all, isn’t that keeping with the American spirit?  After all, Sarah Palin put her poor pregnant daughter and scared-as-shit fellow partner on the presidential campaign trail, because as the Britney Spears of the Republican Party ought to know, it’s all about entertaining, and kids can be in the circus too, right??  The rest of this circus involving teenage sexuality will now play out with children UNDER 17, thank you!  After all, the FDA does have standards.

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