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I have never heard of an epidemic disease: the autism link

April 23, 2009
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I am quoting a blog that I read earlier in that particular title, but I think it bears examination that we can call autism an epidemic when, by definition, an epidemic is widespread by similiar mechanisms.  In other words, a virus spreads flu, like the Flu of 1918.  A bacteria spreads strep, MRSA.  So now an epidemic is caused by genetics?  Strange argument that the medical field is using to decry the development of autism as merely a genetic fluke of the 21st century.

Jim Carey has published an article in the Huffington Post about autism, opening himself up to much criticism, in a very brave manner.  The thing that Carey seems to get no credit for is his support of the idea of vaccines; he just is against the manner in which they are propagated and dispersed.

We have never argued that people shouldn’t be immunized for the most serious threats including measles and polio, but surely there’s a limit as to how many viruses and toxins can be introduced into the body of a small child. Veterinarians found out years ago that in many cases they were over-immunizing our pets, a syndrome they call Vaccinosis. It overwhelmed the immune system of the animals, causing myriad physical and neurological disorders. Sound familiar? If you can over-immunize a dog, is it so far out to assume that you can over-immunize a child? These forward thinking vets also decided to remove thimerosal from animal vaccines in 1992, and yet this substance, which is 49% mercury, is still in human vaccines. Don’t our children deserve as much consideration as our pets?

Why don’t the kids get the same consideration as the dogs?  Everyone wants to pull apart the big argument of vaccines and autism, as though if they find enough holes, this assumption won’t be true.  But, why trust vaccine makers when the medical field has the Tuskegee Project in its history, a history of using arsenic, not understanding lead poisoning, blood letting?

To say that an institution is infallible is to lean stupidly on faith, and even Jesus asked for mercy.

Why does everyone want to believe so badly?  We have nothing that touts belief for anything in this country like we have systems set up to support the medical field.  Even religion allowed in the governmental offices, but apparently a school of medicince creates the law, the governing bodies, and all the societal rules, even those for school.  Is there such a small majority questioning these issues?

The government can drop an atom bomb on a country and then deny that it caused cancer until we see pictures of burning children.  This same government can act as though 9/11 didn’t exist, and still the hordes believe everything is okay until Bush is done reading a story?  The government has openly supported slavery until there was a national war.  The government allows waterboarding, and still there are people who believe in it?  The government starts a war in Iraq based on WMD, and still there is no question.   Why not question vaccines?  why assume Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy are not telling the truth?

The medical field is not set up to admit mistakes.  The medical field gave thalidomide to women during pregnancy.  The medical field, backed by the government of the US, gave women hormone replacement therapy until they died from cancer, and not just one or two before the studies came out against it.  The medical field got behind Vioxx until people died of heart attacks.  The medical field put out medications that cause cancer, that cause heart attacks, that can cause death in others, and yet we have to still fight people who say vaccines are completely safe?

It’s the completely that bothers me.  No one wants a gray area here, and that worries me.  There is no guarantee of anything in this world, so why would there be a guarantee about vaccines?  Anyone who issues a guarnatee is lying.  Guess who is lying…

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